​At Hammers we treasure our planet and the people we work with. That means we embrace society’s and clients demand for sustainable and environment friendly products and manufacturing.

We have a few but for us essential points that we strive to maintain in everything we do.

  • As a minimum our suppliers have a social responsibility certificate like BSCI, SA8000 or ICTI. In the unlikely event that a factory we have to work with does not have a SR certificate, we have our own set of standards/code of conduct that all factories we work with has to sign and live up to. Our QC people will then confirm that the standards we demand are kept. And just to mention – we have never seen a child in any factory in China. There we said it!
  • We do not produce anything if we don’t know what it contains. Through certificates for materials, SGS reports, FDA reports for food grade and migration test – we do not take any chances. And neither should you!
  • We prefer recycled materials – no matter if it is plastic, clothing, cardboard – if it can be used again we love to use it in our productions!
  • We focus on reducing Co2 by rethinking how the products are made
  • All paper materials are either recycled or FSC certified (just like us).
  • If plastic in the product can be replaced with something better, you can be sure that we will go for it!

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